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Bryan Hallows Bryan Hallows

Bryan John Hallows.


Veterinary Surgeon.

Accredited Veterinary Expert Witness.    

Commercial Mediator.

Equine, Expert Determiner.

Bryan has been in large animal veterinary practice for over fifty years, during the last fifteen years of which he has been fully employed in all aspects of equine practice.

Experience and practice of:

  • Veterinary Equine clinical examination,
  • Legal aspects of Dispute Resolution,

are Bryan’s two greatest attributes.


Veterinary Equine clinical examination

Over fifty years full employment in all aspects of equine matters mainly concerning equine clinical examination, (both first and second opinions), has proved that Bryan is a reliable authority in this aspect of veterinary practice.


Certification of veterinary clinical factors has concerned:

  • Equine Pre-purchase examination.
  • Disputes concerning veterinary negligence.
  • Suffering and losses concerning animal injury/disease/Welfare.
  • Equine identification and ageing.
  • Damages concerning animal injury/disease.
  • Insurance/Loss Adjuster cases, equine.
  • All aspects of veterinary practice.


In the above circumstances, Bryan has acted for:

  • Defence of Persons accused of Welfare Criminal offences.
  • Defendant or Claimant in Trading Standards cases.
  • Lay persons in veterinary negligence cases.


Dispute Resolution

Bryan has training and experience of settling Civil and Criminal disputes, in compliance with the dictates of many varied and contrasting legal processes.

  • Commercial Mediation and Conciliation.
  • Veterinary Expert Determination.
  • Veterinary Expert Witness.

Mediation has been for a variety of both Veterinary and Non-veterinary cases.

Expert Determination has been solely for equine disputes.

Veterinary Expert Witness employment has been in several roles:

  • Civil cases, acting as an expert witness for the claimant, but also cases in which Bryan’s role was the Single Joint Expert Witness.
  • Criminal cases, when acting as an expert witness, for either claimant or defendant.

Bryan is well trained and very experienced, in writing both good Reports and giving evidence at Court appearances. This pertains to both Magistrates and Crown Courts.

He has never had Judicial criticism of his Reports or for his Court appearances.

He has had Judicial praise:

  • RSPCA-v-Kowalski. Crown Court Appeal. 2008.

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